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horse-and-sleigh-at-roros-flanderborg_foto_innovation-norway_thomas-rasmus-skaugReisen til julestemningen
Stemning i Bergmannsgata fra Sangerhuset 2 Julemarked foto Bjørg Moen Skancke

The perfect place to get in the Christmas spirit The colourful houses, glistening white snow and frost covered windows sets the perfect scene for the yearly Christmas Market, taking place on the 1st – 4th December 2022.

Røros has a long history and tradition for trade, art and craftsmanship, which all comes to life before the 2nd Sunday of Advent. We transform the charming streets of Røros into a magical Christmas Market filled with market stalls, Christmas food and traditional Christmas activities. In the heart of Bergstaden you will be able to visit different stalls and get the chance to enjoy horse drawn sleigh rides, Christmas carols and maybe even a visit to Santa.

The Christmas Market offers a great opportunity to display our locally produced food, which is a big part of the experience when visiting our region. Our food is pure and unspoiled, just like the nature it comes from. Try gløgg, the Scandinavian spin on mulled wine, which is perfect to warm you up in the crisp and cold winter air. And while you’re at it, why not try it with some delicious gingerbread, or take a look at all the beautiful gingerbread houses, which decorate the town this time of year.

Come to Røros this winter, to start the Christmas celebrations the Norwegian way. Get the chance to move around the snow-covered streets in a kick-sled, which is how the locals get around this time of year. There is no better place to experience a traditional Norwegian Christmas. A visit to Røros and the Christmas Market is guaranteed to give you a start to the festive season unlike any other.

Røros is a place for both kids and adults alike. Bring your kids to the place Disney’s Frozen was inspired by – they’ll even get the chance to meet the beloved reindeer Sven from the movie. Let your little ones play in the snow, build a snowman or try tobogganing for the first time. This picturesque, snow-covered landscape is the ideal place to start the holiday season.

There are few things better than taking a romantic sleigh ride through the streets of Røros with your loved ones. Get cosy under a sheepskin rug whilst a horse drawn sleigh takes you through the Christmas decorated streets of this old and beautiful town. There is no better way of experiencing a real Norwegian winter and Christmas. However, it is not only the snow and the decorations that make Røros the place to be in December. The atmosphere is impeccable this time of year, and you’ll get to witness how a whole community gets together to celebrate the joy of Christmas.

The Christmas Market in Røros is a proud tradition where new and old friends meet. It merges the old with the new, and is a place for the traditions of our region to be displayed and carried on. The streets are filled with lights, Christmas trees, children and snow, and it offers the chance to see Christmas at its very best. We aim to give our guests a wonderful start to the Christmas season, in beautiful Nordic surroundings, and hope you return with the joy we feel this time of year.

The program for Christmas Market 2022 will be available in the autumn.


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